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SEO Practices To Stay On Top Of Google 2019

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The future of business lies with digital marketing. New trends and the rise of e-commerce have turned offline marketing obsolete. And of course, the stepping stone for digital marketing is SEO or search engine optimization.

It is the technique to include keywords into your web content in an efficient manner so that when a user searches for a particular keyword, the site related to it rises to the forefront of the search results. This ensures guaranteed traffic to the website at the top. So, targeting Google is a smart choice as it is probably the most used search engine.

Latest SEO strategies are a little different from what they had been when digital marketing had first started, so following these little tips are bound to help one stay at the top form-

Optimize for voice trends:  Google has fast Natural Learning Programming algorithms that mold according to unique searches made every day. Voice searches with personal assistants on mobiles are the latest trend, and NLP can improve search results based on content refinement and semantics.

SEO content has to be developed keeping in mind the conversational and long tail queries in mind, with keyword lists updated.

Optimize for local searches:  Searches related to local terms have become very common. Most users search for short and immediate results of services and products near them, and SEO services that optimise content for keywords that include terms like ‘near me’ do better in search results.

PPC campaigns: Instead of organic traffic, one can pay the search engines to sponsor their site and pay-per-click. So, every time someone visits your page following sponsored links, you pay the search engine a fixed amount bid previously. This is a faster but more expensive way of obtaining more visitors.

AMP implementation:  Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is a tool developed by Google to generate lightweight, mobile-friendly versions of web contents that load faster in smartphones. Since most searches are made in phones now, it helps to target Google tools like AMP and optimizing for RankBrain (Google’s Machine Learning AI system).

Staying on top of one’s game on Google isn’t all that difficult, it only needs the right hands and experience. As the best SEO Company in Delhi, we have the best professionals and experts to optimise your content for you.



Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Important For SEO

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With the way, people depend on the internet and search engine results for information it is crucial for a company to show up in the search engine results as much on the top as possible. The more we are visible, the more traction we can get.

With the increasing web traffic, every website owner knows just how important search engine optimization or SEO is in getting a company the traction it needs by making it visible on search results.

The value of SEO content in websites and blogs has only increased over the years and will continue to do so. But recently, a new marketing tool has been gaining popularity from everyone including Google, namely, content marketing.

Content marketing focuses on content creation to attract more clicks and visitors to blogs and websites through engaging content. SEO and content marketing are thought to be two separate disciplines, each of which can exist very well on their own.

But the truth is that both these ‘disciplines’ are interrelated and co-dependent. Content marketing is only prevalent when  SEO techniques are incorporated and vice versa. Hence, when it comes to website content creation, one needs an SEO content that can attract visitors. But besides playing an integral role in SEO content writing, how else is it important in a search engine optimization strategy?

To answer this, let’s dig deeper into SEO. For a strategy to be successful, one needs to provide Google what it loves the most- fresh content. When the search engine looks for potential results, it prefers the most recent one it can find.

Which means if you want your company to be on the radar of Google, then you need to keep your website content creation fresh, and only content marketing can do that for you? Meaning, through content marketing you can get the most out of your SEO strategy and keywords.

In a nutshell, finding quality SEO content for your website or blog is essential. But with high competition and demand, finding one can be problematic. If you are someone looking for someone who can provide you with high-quality SEO content writing and website content creation services, look no further than SEO Services India.

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