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Google Adwords Remarketing Agency In Delhi

Google Remarketing is as simple as it sounds, you will be able to show ads for your products and services to the customers which have already visited your website. Remarketing campaigns works on many levels and are very effective when it comes to ROI. With Google Remarketing campaigns you can drastically increase the transaction rate for your website which is relatively low with just 2-4% of website visits resulting in transactions.

What is Google Remarketing?


As we stated earlier, remarketing is simply showing ads for your website to the customers which have already visited it. If you are already showing your advertisements on Google then you can simply customize your code for remarketing advertising.

How Google Remarketing Works?


When a customer visits your website and for some reason, it doesn’t result in a transaction, it can be due to many reasons. So, with the help of Google AdWords remarketing code, you can show ads to those customers on other websites they visit. So by doing that you will be able to keep the attention of the customer towards your website and it’s more likely that they will visit.

Now as we mentioned, this process works on different levels. Let’s divide the customers who visited your website into 3 different groups:

  • The customers who just visited the landing page and left the site.
  • Secondly, the customers which visited the website, browsed a little, selected some products but didn’t buy anything.
  • Finally comes your existing clients which have already availed your services.

So to start with you can just use AdWords remarketing campaign to target all the customers which have visited your website. But to be cost-effective, you can then change to different levels depending upon your budget and expectations.

Facebook Remarketing is also a very crucial part of Remarketing strategies. As you know that Facebook has around 1.2 billion daily visitors and it is a big platform which is waiting to be exploited for your benefit.

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